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AFFLUENT Guests Find the Perfect FRED Fit

More than 30 guests graced the prestigious FRED Boutique at Marina Bay Sands on 8 September, as they were treated to an intimate look at elegant pieces from the French jewellery brand, which is part of the LVMH, the world leader in luxury.

A guest is being enthralled by the FRED’s Pain du Sucre collection. This special collection offers the contemporary woman the possibility to adapt the jewel to her mood.

Hosted by Affluent Media, the showcase featured its brand new collection, the Pain de Sucre collection. It features cut and polished cabochons inspired by the legendary rock in the Bay of Rio de Janeiro. Perhaps the most unique feature about the Pain de Sucre collection is the fact that the rings have a removable cabochon system.

The distinct sugarloaf cabochon shape of the stone, boasts a delectable cut which confers more flesh, more body on the gem, lending the jewel a much more sensuous look than a classical cabochon.

The vibrant Fred Force 10 collection

To celebrate the 80th anniversary of the House, Fred created the 8°0 collection, based on the theme of luck. Designed as a lucky charm, the bracelet graces the wrist with a generously curved knot and a gold clasp attached to a simple leather cable.

Distinguished guests get a chance to find their perfect fit from the Fred 8°0 Collection.The sideways figure 8 featured on the bracelets invite a host of different interpretations, from a lucky number to a metaphor for the infinity symbol.

Whilst getting to know FRED’s latest marvels just that little bit more, guests were also treated to a free flow of champagne and canapés throughout the 3 hour-long affair.

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