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FRED Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Show your love and gratitude to the special women in your life with precious gemstones and baroque pearls from modern French jeweler FRED.

Select from a luxurious range of styles from FRED’s key collections – the romantic Pain de Sucre, the poetic Baie des Anges and the iconic Force 10 – and pamper your loved ones with something truly unique and sophisticated this Mother’s Day.

A true icon of jewellery house Fred, the Pain de Sucre collection features cut and polished sun-filled cabochons inspired by the legendary rock in the Bay of Rio de Janeiro. Necklaces and rings feature the clever interchangeable system that lets the most amazing women in your life match the radiant gemstones to their moods.

The ultimate spirit of the Baie des Anges collection offers a freedom attuned to the joyful movement of life, vibrations of light, and the perpetual mobility of the seas and oceans.

At the collection’s core lies a white baroque pearl – irregular, asymmetric and unique, its wild and natural beauty modern, far removed from the classic dream of spherical perfection so characteristic of cultured pearls. The unapologetic asymmetry of baroque pearls makes every piece in the collection absolutely unique, a fine testament to the special woman in your life.

FORCE 10: the quintessence of true luxury

The Force 10 collection stands for creative freedom and energy; the bracelets can be personalized with interchangeable cables, rings enhance the iconic buckle, while pendants hang upon the slenderest of chains to express their femininity. Epitomizing the style of FRED – singular, precious, luminous, powerful and timeless – the signature range constantly reinvents its palette to provide an infinite number of jewellery variations that will speak to mothers the world over.

For more information, please go to www.fred.com.

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