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Guerlain Releases Aqua Allegoria Bergamote Calabria

Guerlain introduces a new fragrance this April, Bergamote Calabria.

The sparkling zest of sun-soaked fruit. The delicious freshness of the most fragrant of citrus fruit.

This spring, enjoy a stroll in the shade of the bergamot trees in the orchards of Calabria. An indispensable ingredient in the legendary Guerlinade and a favourite element of the Aqua Allegoria, bergamot permeates all of Guerlain’s fragrance creations like a ray of sun.

With Bergamote Calabria, the fragrance’s co-creators Thierry Wasser (Guerlain’s Master Perfumer) and Delphine Jelk (Guerlain Perfumer) have chosen to majestically showcase this iconic fruit, devoting to it for the first time a creation that beautifully enhances the radiance of the precious citrus fruit nicknamed “Calabrian green gold”.

Delicately adorned with fresh spices that make it sparkle, bergamot is expressed in all of its purity, as if the skin of the fruit were being pressed between the fingers to release its essence. A sun-kissed aroma heightened even further by bergamot juice extract and lemon petit grain with the scents of flowers and leaves: a strikingly natural fragrance landscape, enlivened with a breeze of white musk carrying a breath of golden vanilla…

Available now at Tangs, Takashimaya & Metro Paragon.

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