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Pomellato 2017 New Collection, Ritratto

Ritratto seamlessly draws a conjunction line between a sumptuous past and the ever-changing present, putting the personality of the woman to the fore while giving a singular shape to the Pomellato values.

The unconventional beauty of a flowing movement captured in a stone of bold presence grasped by an unmistakable claw.

Ritratto is the new collection launched by Pomellato in the year of the brand’s fiftieth anniversary. The look is in fast forward, but inspiration comes from the precious depths of tradition.

Ritratto in fact is an homage to the Portrait cut, which an antique Indian cut characterised by stones of large dimension is shaped with step-cuts. The peculiar portrait shape is twisted and turned in the whimsical Pomellato way, becoming a playground for a powerfully feminine exploration of volume and colour.

Taking inspiration from the opulence of Indian jewellery, Ritratto pushes forward the concept of the new precious: unconventional, hard-to-find stones gain life through a painstaking artisanal process.

In Ritratto, each cut stone has 101 facets, of which 33 compose the crown and 68 the pavilion.

RITRATTO encompasses a series of rings available in three sizes, earrings and pendants, with a rose gold griffe and a brown, white or icy diamond pavé that enhance the torsion of the design. Smoky rose, milky quartz, London blue topaz and amethyst create a suffused colour symphony.

For more information, please go to www.pomellato.com.

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