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Visit Kimberley and Galapagos with Silversea Expeditions

The two most remote and untouched destination is brought to guests eye by the Silversea Expeditions fleet – sailing to all 7 continents with guest to crew member ratio at nearly 1:1.

Silver Galapagos offers two 7-day itineraries, each meticulously crafted to showcase both the highlights and unexpected treasures that make every island unique. And guests will journey on a thrilling adventure with all-inclusive packages starting from USD$6,670.

The fleet is for the most adventurous guests, as it offers an intimate and all-inclusive lifestyle including highly qualified expedition team with experts in their field (marine biologists, ornithologists, historians and more); daily excursions and activities: Zodiac® cruising, diving, hiking and snorkeling; personalised service with a butler for all suites and the highest crew to guest ratio in the industry; inclusive room-service, wine and spirits throughout the ship; and more.

It is the crown jewel of the Natural World, a fascinating marriage of science and wonder where guests can witness firsthand the forces that created the very planet we live on. The Galapagos Archipelago is a pristine sanctuary of unique and uniquely fearless animals, many that can be found nowhere else on earth.

For more information about Silversea Galapagos voyages, please go to http://www.silversea.com/ships/silver-galapagos/?destination=35098&duration=all&date=all&ships=35043&voyage-type=all&itinerary-port=all.

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