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ALBION EX-VIE GINZA celebrates anniversary with introduction of Eau De Parfum

ALBION EX-VIE GINZA was fist introduced in 2016, a product formulated to rebuild the shape and colour of skin cells in the dermis and sub-cutaneous layers by powerfully mimicking the youth-giving and beautifying benefits of natural estrogen. This luxurious anti-ageing cream is derived from 19 botanicals ingredients formulated into innovative growth factor complexes, bio-alive ferment filtrates, stem cells and multiple estrogen-like actives which impart regenerative benefits onto skin cells, as it revitalises cellular functions like never before.

ALBION EX-VIE GINZA is handcrafted and produced in limited quantities to ensure a luxury cream of exceptional quality and efficacy.

To celebrate the overwhelming response and anniversary of the launch, ALBION introduces EX-VIE GINZA Eau De Parfum. Housed in a sleek and elegant white bottle, the EX-VIE GINZA takes inspiration from a “Rose Floral Bouquet”.


The EX-VIE GINZA Eau De Parfum is available with every purchase of EX-VIE GINZA. ALBION’s EX-VIE GINZA Anniversary Set, priced at SGD1,100, is available since January 2018 at ALBION, Takashimaya. For enquiries, please call 6735 8084.

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