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Less is more+ Challenges C​urrent Fashion​​ Trends​

Nobuko Hirayama, known for her fashion design and branding strategy for “UNTITLED” with World Co. Ltd., has now established her own design firm, “Less is more”, and will officially introduce her brand from 2018SS.

The aim of the brand is to propose high-quality yet simple products that can be used for a long time. People of all ages can enjoy products under this brand, which subtly picks up style nuances from current times while retaining the classic feel.

The new brand name will be “Less is more+” (Less is more plus) and its concept emphasizes on simplicity and “making spare room or time”. All manufacturing of the products will be done in Japan.

Eyeing to expand into the Asian market, the brand is aiming to hold shows in Singapore as well as in Japan. In this fast-paced industry, this brand consistently aims to be particular about quality and to bring products that can be worn regardless of season or launch year.

In the new brand, Hirayama is also enthusiastic about expressing herself by curating and combining both works of her own and various creators who resonate with the brand spirit.

“I want to make clothes that are an expression of everyday life using fabrics,” Hirayama says, “regardless of the latest marketing trends.” Hirayama aims to go after a depth in the brand which will transcend time periods by casually adopting aspects of art and design in her simple attires.

For the shows this season, Hirayama plans to collaborate with illustrators and floral artists in both Tokyo and Singapore. The photographer for the look book will be Masaya Tanaka and the art director will be Hiromichi Itou, both known for their works in fashion and art. The positive energy of these two creators​​will​​be​​turned​​into​​works​​of​​art​​inside​​the​​frame​​of​​the​​new​​brand,​​“Less​​is​​more+”​​(Less​​is​​more​​plus). “Strength and Ephemeral” has been chosen for the theme this season.

To express the two opposing themes, she plans to include the combination of vivid colours such as red and violet in the overall brand emphasis on the colour white.

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