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Preview of Luxury Footwear Label Dominique Saint Paul

Every pair of shoes tell a story. Let local multi-label e-boutique Coco Takumi tell that story with Dominique Saint Paul – the luxury footwear label that handcrafts men’s dress shoes, casual shoes and leather goods.

Dominique Saint Paul – the label from Saigon with an European finesse – is borne of a philosophy to live life “being yourself but on purpose”.

As a label, the name celebrates the significance of this philosophy, and the immensity of one’s beginnings. Dominique, because it belies versatility and androgyny; Saint Paul, because it pays homage to Clinique Saint Paul Saigon hospital, the birthplace of its founder, Dominic Price. Inspired by the culture and colours of Saigon, Dominique Saint Paul brings together English style, French elegance, Italian flair and Vietnamese creativity.

The hand-crafted shoes and small leather goods label from Saigon, designed with European finesse. Each piece of leather craftwork is unique, and meticulously hand- dyed and bears its own sheen.

For more information, please go to https://cocotakumi.com/collections/dominique-saint-paul.

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