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The Lanvin Women’s Fall Winter 2017 Jewelry Collection

The phoenix, a legendary symbol of renewal, the glorious bird of paradise and the mischievous hummingbird are the three iconic symbols of Lanvin’s new Winter 2017 jewelry collection.

Like protective talismans, they become necklaces and brooches, landing lighting on the lapel of a jacket, neckline of a dress or collar of a delicate blouse.

They are transformed into pendants perched on fine brass chains and jeweled belts adorning a pair of high-waisted trousers. Beset with crystals and mounted by hand onto an exquisitely crafted metal setting, each of these birds of life and luck display their beautiful plumage in midnight blue or powder pink, imbued with a rock ’n’ roll or romantic spirit.

Their sparkling crystals illuminate a Perfecto jacket, while their curves soften the lines of a cardigan. Carefully placed at the shoulder or neckline, these pieces from the Lanvin jewelry collection will turn heads everywhere you go.

Check out the Jewelry Collection at Lanvin Hilton Hotel, #01-19/20, 581 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238883

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