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V10’s Spectacular Serums for Skin

Multi-award-winning brand V10 has 11 serums to boost your skin’s health, glow and overall look.

The whole range of V10 Serums

V10 Plus is an innovative range of serum developed by Japanese Dermatologist and manufactured in Japan. First brought to you by founder Mrs Akiko Yokota, the range of serum works by customising the right serum for the right skin concerns.

With high concentration of the active ingredients and with no parabens, no colouring and no scent added, V10 Plus gives you everything that your skin need, and none of the harmful products.

V10 serums compliments each other to produce the best results whether in combination or individually depending on your very own skin.

All serums are water-based which means that they are quickly absorbed into your skin and V10 Plus special formulation ensures that all active ingredients are of very small molecule size to allow them to penetrate into the dermis layer (that’s where your real living skin is and not at the surface or epidermis which is actually dead skin).

For more information, go to www.v10plus.co.jp.

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