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XALF’s Superwoman Collection

Five years after the first Xpression collection that brought XALF to the forefront of bespoke women’s footwear in Kuala Lumpur, the label has come full circle with a collection that celebrates womanhood – in line with XALF’s #beaXsuperwoman campaign that attempts to quantify attributes allowed exceptional women to excel in their respective fields.

This is the tenth collection from a label that has seen resounding success over a short period of time.

Much like the song by Karyn White, that seeks fortitude in exemplary cases that’s cultivated through commitment, determination, ingenuity, and courage in the face of overwhelming odds.

“I’m sure we’ve all seen examples of strong women who have demonstrated positive alter egos when human strength will no longer suffice,” says founder Xavier Mah.

“I believe that with confidence, there are those who can achieve much more than what others think they are capable of. The collection looks to distill infinite possibilities with names such as Wanda, Kara, Diana, Sue, Barbara, Sheena, Selina and Anna that may seem to be nonspecific in nature but the discerning will realise that they are also the first names of powerful superheroines.”

Strength does not come from brute force, XALF’s latest Superwoman is a celebration of true grit in womenfolk who have overcome obstacles by conquering their fears, and setbacks that have crippled those less mentally resilient.

He goes on that some of them might be flawed individuals, but they embody womanhood at various stages of spiritual growth – embracing vulnerability and learning from mistakes that have shaped their outlook on life. Inspired by the feminist movement that was birthed in the 1960s; the diversity of the range reflects the different identities of superwomen who take on many roles in their everyday lives.

From the edgy to the stylish and practical the eight pairs take on bold designs with assertive prints that embody the spirit of today’s modern women. “Versatility is the key in this collection,” explains creative director Alfred Hor. “And that’s why you see that we have curated a collection that is not only functional but also have unique personalities made possible through subtle details such as gold zippers and two-toned materials.”

To get a closer look the new collection and order these and previous models from XALF, visit their website www.xalfdesign.com or call +6010 863 2887 or +603 7737 9065 to make an appointment – to have your new dream shoes adapted to your personal preferences and imagination.

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