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Atlas and Loewe Launch the Perfect Home Entertainment Experience

Atlas Sound & Vision is excited to announce the launch of award-winning Loewe products that will dramatically transform the luxurious entertainment experience at home for those seeking impeccable precision in sound and vision from the comfort of their couch.

The Loewe bild 7 is a new Ultra HD OLED television that introduces a new dimension of viewing with Loewe VantaVision. Loewe klang 5 is the new premium quality wireless speaker system that enriches Loewe’s current TV sets with the next dimension of acoustics – and meets the highest standards of audio for all types of music.

The Loewe bild 7 was conferred Gold at the 2017 German Design Award for the ‘Entertainment’ category, and is Loewe’s first TV with OLED technology. The bright self-luminous pixels in the OLED display enable unequalled high contrasts, a much larger colour gamut, finer colour graduation and an unprecedented level of black compared to conventional LCD TVs.

Each speaker is logged independently via an integrated network which enables each speaker to harmonise perfectly with the TV. Set up the TV’s integrated soundbar as the centre speaker channel, and the klang 5 system can be extended to include a second pair of speakers and a subwoofer to form the Loewe 5.1-Home-Cinema-System. “The prefect experience is about moments that take your breath away. The scene that leaves you speechless. The music that speaks to your soul. That is what the designers at Loewe, Germany’s premium manufacturer of entertainment electronics have developed with their two new products – the bild 7 and the klang 5.

Atlas is excited to bring these products to Singapore as we transform the living room into a living theatre!” said Sherwin Siregar, Chief Executive Officer of Atlas Sound & Vision in Singapore. Perfect visual, perfect design When the bild 7 is switched on, the screen automatically moves upwards on a series of motors unveiling a slim and yet powerful soundbar.

With an incredible output of 120 watts, from six drivers and four passive bass diaphragms, the device produces dynamic, precise, room-filling sound for an unprecedented entertainment experience. Switch off bild 7 and the screen silently lowers back down discreetly hiding the soundbar, leaving just the minimal glass screen visible. The design of the bild 7 is characterised by pure understatement. Aesthetically light and minimalistic, blending into every designer living space.

At less than 7 mm thick, the display is slimmer than most smartphones. Manufactured using the finest materials with an exquisite level of finish, an elegant fabric conceals the connectors and cables on the rear of the TV allowing bild 7 to look great from 360 degrees enabling a wide choice of placement options with larger rooms. With audio quality this good and integrated Bluetooth technology for a full wireless experience, it’s of course simple to stream audio content to bild 7 via a smartphone or tablet.
The beautifully detailed and considered design also applies to the user interface which features sophisticated modern graphics and strong user centric design principles.

For more information, please go to www.loewe.tv/v2/en/bild7.

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