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Limited Edition Porsche Design Huawei Smartphone Launches in Singapore

Since the local launch of HUAWEI Mate 9 last November, technology innovator Huawei now follows with the release of the revolutionary PORSCHE DESIGN HUAWEI Mate 9 in Singapore.

Embodying high-performance and sophisticated design, limited numbers of the smartphone will be available at Huawei Service Centre located at 313@Somerset #B2-12/13,starting from 11 February 2017.

The premium-lifestyle brand Porsche Design lends its signature aesthetic to reimagine Huawei’s revolutionary Mate series, and the limited edition PORSCHE DESIGN HUAWEI Mate 9 combines sophisticated design with high-performance to deliver unprecedented luxury and performance for high- demanding individuals.

The underlying philosophy for all Porsche Design products and also for the new PORSCHE DESIGN HUAWEI Mate 9 is to create an equilibrium of aesthetics and function. Those values stem from the design philosophy of Porsche Design’s founder – Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche – who designed the legendary Porsche 911 in 1963. PORSCHE DESIGN HUAWEI Mate 9 features seamless curved edges, a graphite finish and stylish black coloring combined with the latest technology.

This is perfectly complemented ‘under the hood’ by a unique, intuitive user interface that exudes sophistication thanks to Porsche Design’s signature design language. With a shared commitment to functional design, innovative craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, the collaboration delivers highly discerning customers an unrivalled, premium smartphone experience; with revolutionary speed, extensive battery life and luxurious design cues.

PORSCHE DESIGN HUAWEI Mate 9 is the next step in Huawei’s strategy of collaborative innovation and Porsche Design’s extension of the brand’s electronics category. By fusing PORSCHE DESIGN’S style with Huawei’s engineering perfection and technical innovation, the revolutionary limited edition PORSCHE DESIGN HUAWEI Mate 9 is one of the most finely crafted premium devices available to consumers.

For more information, please go to www.huawei.com.

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