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Urban-G Group Painting Exhibition

Sunjin Galleries will be presenting the Urban-G group exhibition from 26-31 October 2016. The show focuses on the works of five painters, each examining an aspect of our local built or natural physical environment and exploring the social –economic-cultural ethos emanating from it when the country was/is still ‘young’.

Choy Weng Yang’s Distant Landmark, and Cherished Lotus

Choy Weng Yang is a painter from the Pioneers generation who has been painting for several decades. His work is known among us and collected by important institutions. In these paintings exhibited, he renews his working with the idioms of pure complementary colours and slashing, enmeshing mark- making to bring out a charged, heightened space of light and drama.

Brian Adams’ Blair – the trio, Emerald Green

Brian Adams works look to what has been Edenic in the treescape and plantings within our cultivated parks, grasslands or open spaces near residential edifices. His paintings open up visions of possible relief, transcendence and escapes from our ever hamstrung hastening lives.

Dick Lim’s Boat Quay

Dick Lim’s work captures with much visceral effect the almost palpable pithy acrid smelliness of the Singapore River in its murky crowdedness. His women washing clothes at a communal tap is such a vivid reminder of how far gone we have come to dispense with this daily menial labour.

ION Gallery,
4th Floor,
the ION
2 Orchard Turn
Singapore 238801
Time: 10am – 9pm (daily)
Exhibition period: 26-31 October 2016 (Wednesday 26th October – Monday 31st October 2016)

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