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A Michelin starred chef in Little India!

With passion, skill, experience… a dining phenomenon was born! Audace, short for “Audacity”, is the brainchild of Chef Jérémy Gillon, who led L’Epicurien in the French Alps to receive its first ever Michelin star in 2015. Chef Jérémy decided he wanted to be a chef as early as 14 years old, and since then, his passion is unstoppable. His relentless adventure for the new and his appreciation of the old, have created an explosion of new flavours and creations, desired by many, but achievable by few. Through his travels, Chef Jérémy acquired diversity and creativity in his menu.

Chef Jérémy’s passion is unstoppable.

For Chef Jérémy, dining is like driving on a highway, with various entrances and exits that make an experience exciting and nuanced. It is his hope to appeal to guests’ sense of adventure and eagerness to discover new tastes and sensations through the food he created. Audace likes to be known as “fun dining” rather than “fine dining”, where menu is not fixed, and guests can enjoy a dash of surprise.

Audace Bar & Restaurant opens throughout the day and serves a variety of courses.

Located at the Wanderlust Hotel, Audace is a part of the Unlisted Collection’s group of boutique hotels and restaurants. Open throughout the day, the restaurant and bar serves up French Bistro cuisine with a contemporary touch, providing guests with a different dining experience from breakfast through to dinner.

Affluent Media is highly impressed with the food at Audace. “Audace has exceeded all of our expectations. Ambience was fantastic and service was awesome. Preparation, innovation, and presentation all push on first tier French standards. The smoked raw foie gras and eel was a really interesting combination of flavors and a welcome new take on foie gras. The pork belly exceeded my expectations. The partnering sauces using herbs were interesting and well executed, and the quantity was pretty generous. Although the portion looks a little overwhelming it does not leave you with unpleasant feeling at the end of each meal. This I have to give it to the ever so innovative and creative Chef Jeremy, despite an Executive Chef in Michelin 1 even 2 restaurants, is so friendly and his food is the best I’ve had this Christmas season! 5 stars from us without any doubt!”

Audace Bar & Restaurant opens Tuesday to Sunday. For reservations and enquiries, please call 62981188 or email info@audace.com.sg.

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