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Antoinette Presents New Dishes Celebrating Singapore’s Culinary Heritage

Inspired by how chefs in other countries use native ingredients and how their heritage are represented in their cuisines, the award-winning Chef Pang Kok Keong has created new mainstays emblematic of Singapore’s, in particular his own Hakka’s, culinary heritage. exciting renditions: Chilli Crab Arancini; Chicken Rice; and Hakka Gnocchi.

A gourmet twist on Chicken Rice

Paying tribute to perennial favourites but also putting a new spin on them, Chef Pang has come up with these exciting renditions: Chilli Crab Arancini; Chicken Rice; and Hakka Gnocchi.

The chicken breast in Chicken Rice is prepared sous-vide style, and paired impeccably with a scallion and ginger dressing, chilli gel and dark soya sauce foam. The rice is replaced with barley grains cooked with chicken stock and aromatics.

The mouth-watering Chilli Crab Arancini

A convergence of Singapore and Italian influences, the Chilli Crab Arancini features homemade chilli sauce filled in a risotto ball cooked with lobster bisque and crab meat. This is served with fried Chinese bun and a sea asparagus salad.

Embark on a gastronomic experience that is bound to appeal to the senses, and discover Chef Pang’s bold interpretations of classic dishes.

Antoinette’s new Bread & Butter, Le Menu Spécialité and Le Carte Dessert menu will be exclusively launched on 26 July 2017 at Antoinette, 30 Penhas Road.

Selected dishes from this new menu will also be available at Antoinette, Mandarin Gallery, from 1 September 2017 onwards.

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