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Elsie’s Kitchen Launches New Buffet Menu

For more than 50 years, Elsie’s Kitchen has been widely regarded as one of Singapore’s pioneering caterers, serving the local and wider community with a diverse array of Halal heritage culinary treasures.

This year, Elsie’s Kitchen will be launching a new buffet menu that showcases the best of Singapore’s flavours, enhanced with interesting combinations that push the envelope on catered food.

Taking on the reins of the business is the third generation of the Ang family, with 30 year old Reuben Ang serving as Managing Director. His role includes spearheading the re-branding of Elsie’s Kitchen to evolve together with the times.

This includes the installation of semi-automated equipment to increase efficiency and productivity in the central kitchen, as well as a greater emphasis on authentic Asian recipes. Alongside Reuben is his sister Rachel Ang, the Human Resource Director, and cousin Job Ang, the Director of Food and Beverage.

One of the new menu highlights is the Rojak Chicken Katsu topped with fruit salad, a delectable blend of old and new where the meat is coated in homemade Penang rojak sauce, and topped with tropical fruits, crushed peanuts and ginger flowers.

This dish is an amalgamation of some of Reuben’s favourite local street food. Another Asian favourite is the “Kra Pao” Thai Basil Minced Chicken Bee Tai Mak, where East meets East in a marriage of Thai and Chinese flavours. The simple bee tai mak is elevated with the same delicious basil and spicy punch that the popular Thai dish is known for. New canapé options will also be introduced.

The Muar Otah Mantou Sliders, served with achar relish and a dash of sambal mayonnaise, is a refreshed version of the signature Special Muar Otah. Boasting thick chunks of mackerel, the otah has been Elsie’s Kitchen’s specialty since the 1990s when the second generation of Angs went on a tireless search to find the perfect otah in the Muar town of Malaysia. Desserts too hold their own on the new menu, with interesting combinations that are unconventional for catered food.

The Onde Onde Cake is a new take on the traditional onde-onde. Pandan chiffon cake is layered with gula melaka coconut cream to retain the familiar flavour of onde-onde. The cake is served with a side of pulut hitam tart for an added saccharine treat.

For more information on Elsie’s Kitchen, go to www.elsiekitchen.com.sg.

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