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Japanese Restaurant Rokukakutei Launches Its First-ever Overseas Outpost in Singapore

Rokukakutei has launched its brand-new outlet in Singapore. This is the restaurant’s very first overseas foray, and it has chosen Singapore as the address to set up its new outlet.

Helmed by Chef Hideyuki Tanaka who has 15 years of experience, Rokukakutei offers kushikatsu — Japanese deep-fried skewers of meat, seafood and vegetables. This type of cuisine is regarded as one of Osaka’s soul foods.

A well-known name amongst Japanese gourmands since 1980, the restaurant’s flagship outlet located in Osaka, Japan, was awarded one Michelin star in 2009 for its superb mainstays, an accolade it has consistently achieved every following year.

The success of the outlet led to the opening of a second one in Ginza, Tokyo, which has also been winning the hearts of many customers.

“As a child, I helped my grandfather in the paddy field and farm and had the chance to come in touch with fresh ingredients from childhood. As we were also close to the sea, I also grew up with an abundance of fresh seafood. Being exposed to such fresh ingredients from young, we use the freshest ingredients available in our cooking,” says Chef Tanaka.

Guests who have smaller appetites can request to stop at any time and the bill will be based on the number of skewers consumed.

Rokukakutei uses fresh premium ingredients, most of which are imported from Japan. Kick up the indulgence by dipping the skewered offerings into as many as six types of accompanying artisanal sauces. The intimate 40-seater Rokukakutei also departs from similar concepts in that it pairs its skewers with freshly baked bread as well as wines curated from all over the world.

There are two different menus to choose from: Omakase Skewers and Kushiage + Selected Wines Marriage. At S$134++, the Omakase set features 20 skewers, which showcase a medley of meats, seafood and vegetables; a veggie bowl of fresh, steamed and boiled greens; homemade pickles; fruit agar gelatin; and bread.

331 North Bridge Road
Odeon Towers,
Singapore 188720

Tel: 6266 1077

Operating Hours: 4 to 11 pm

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