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Neon Pigeon Launches New Spring Menu with Playful Elements of Surprise

Neon Pigeon, known for its warm, laid back ambience with Izakaya sharing plates and original, Japanese-inspired cocktails, launches a new menu this spring.

Chef Justin Hammond announces 13 new dishes designed with elements of surprise to the eye as well as the palate.

With respect for the Japanese kitchen, Chef combines his creative flair and cultural knowledge to reflect tradition while bringing novel twists. Hammond shares, “we wanted to create dishes that are true to Japanese flavors, at the same time, break away from traditions to create taste sensations that are truly unique to Neon Pigeon.”

Chef Hammond shares his thoughts behind seven of his favorite new dishes, which challenge diners’ notions of the familiar ingredients used.

Charcoal Grilled Barracuda

Speaking on this dish, what Chef Hammond lovesmost is its element of surprise you get from it.

“Barracuda is not common to menus in Singapore. At first it just looks like any whole fish, but the care and craft is seen when a diner cuts into the meat. We carefully debone the whole fish and piece it back together, so it looks whole but you are left with just the tender, delicate sweet fish, and no bones,” he says.

Duck Liver Okonomiyaki

And for this dish, Chef Hammond replaced the egg omelet with foie gras making it familiar, yet completely different to any okonomiyaki. He keeps all the original toppings and char the cabbage using a blowtorch.

“We caramelize bbq sauce onto the foie gras, and baste it with seaweed and garlic vinegar made in-house. The flavors blend really well, cutting the richness of the duck liver with the vinegar and slight crunch of the cabbage,” he adds.

Japanese Citrus Curd

This light and tangy dish contrasts nicely with the chocolate bonsai dessert, which is all about deep chocolate flavors.

For this, Chef Hammond and his team experimented with different types of citrus, and settled on Japanese sudachi limes to make a refreshing, zingy curd, offset with a little yuzu juice.

“Buckwheat and wheat flour are mixed to give the dish a nice crumble, and Italian meringue is blow-torched to get tinges of char and creaminess. Finally, we garnish with toasted bucwheat grains and fresh shiso leaves,” he says, for the finishing touches.

Neon Pigeon
1 Keong Saik Road,
Singapore 089109
Reservations: +65 6222 3623
General Inquiries: info@neonpigeonsg.com
For more information, please go to www.neonpigeonsg.com.

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