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No Time Like The Present

Lexus presents two agile debutants who give an inkling of the company’s bright future.

Lexus is charging ahead with two off-kilter offerings built around its previously unveiled concept car. Based on a dream Lexus named the LF-NX, the esteemed car brand rolls out an efficient eco-friendly stallion alongside a potently engineered road warrior – the Lexus NX Hybrid and the Lexus NX Turbo.

Sprinting in on a 2-litre turbo direct injection gasoline engine, its raw power is harnessed and coupled by an advanced 6-speed automatic Sport Direct Shift transmission.

The realisation of the NX Hybrid and NX Turbo was a learning curve that could not be rushed; a process that arguably took about 10 years. Two new millennium machines recently announced by Lexus, the NX Hybrid and NX Turbo both sport monitors with 360-degree views and power-reclining seats, among a host of technological systems that were developed through years of Lexus’ storied operations. These new cars are also easily manipulated using the Lexus Remote Touch Interface, which provides comprehensive control of these technologically advanced automobiles, via a simplified touchpad.

The recent debut of the Lexus LF-NX, the NX Hybrid was first presented to the world at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition last April, which was followed by the Singapore premiere of the ground-breaking car on the 1st of November.

The twin offerings of the NX Hybrid and NX Turbo are Lexus’ second foray into the currently burgeoning sector of luxury SUVs, following the car manufacturer’s memorable and immensely popular Lexus RX.

The hybrid model is the environmentally friendly variant of the luxury pairing. Fine-tuned to yield excellent efficiency, its carbon emissions are contained to the mere 133 g/km.

The NX Hybrid has a specially developed hybrid (HV) control and its 2.5-litre gasoline engine with electric power from a high-output motor, boasts fuel consumption of 5.7L/100km.

Lexus has proclaimed its hope for the NX Hybrid to become a hallmark in developing industry-leading hybrids. With a specifically engineered sprung weight-damping control to even out drives along bump roads, the forecast for the NX Hybrid is smooth sailing ahead.

Soon to be released in Singapore, the NX Turbo is Lexus’ first-ever turbo-charged offering. Sprinting in on a 2-litre turbo direct injection gasoline engine, its raw power is harnessed and coupled by an advanced 6-speed automatic Sport Direct Shift transmission.

This glorious concoction grants this serious sports vehicle a maximum output of 235bhp and 4,800 to 5,600rpm, as well as a hair-raising maximum torque of 350Nm and 1,650 to 4,000rpm.

The NX Turbo’s quick acceleration also bestows the sports car with greater fuel efficiency, while its state-of-the-art G Force Artificial Intelligence (G-AI) system helps this dynamic machine adapt to the shifting center of gravity during various dashes and swerves. While the NX Hybrid is driven by a 2.5-litre 4-cylinder In-line Twin Cam 16-valve engine, the NX Turbo’s hood houses a light-footed 2.0-litre 4-cylinder In-line Twin Cam 16-valve, turbocharger engine. Best of all, Lexus has mentioned that the NX Turbo will also soon be available as an F Sport variant.

“We are extremely thrilled about the upcoming introduction of the new Lexus NX. A completely brand new model in the Lexus family, the Lexus NX will strengthen our luxury SUV offerings, creating a perfect choice for customers who are looking for a luxurious daily commute, yet designed with the functionality to support one’s active lifestyle when required,” Mr Klaus Redomske, Marketing Director of Borneo Motors Singapore, aptly summarised of the 25-year-strong automotive manufacturer’s thoughts. “With the NX’s dynamic design features, an evocative driving performance and the cutting-edge innovation offered, I am confident this new exceptional offering from Lexus will be a favourite among customers.” said Mr Klaus Redomske, Marketing Director, Borneo Motors Singapore.

Living up to Lexus’ campaign motto “Amazing In Motion”, these dual offerings possess commanding silhouettes, streamlined to evoke speed and also equipped with the necessary technology to walk the walk. These urban vehicles are designed for the demands of modern cosmopolitan life. Features like modern braking discs and intelligent response systems bolster their stability, agility and cornering, both considering and expressing the eclectic lifestyle of the Lexus driver.

Lexus Singapore
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Tel: +65 6631 1388

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