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The Bright Lights of Sydney Side

The city-wide festivities of Vivid Sydney give travellers more reasons than ever to visit New South Wales.

Arguably the most exuberant city of Australia, Sydney has always been a prolific advocate of culture and the arts. From 26th May to 17th June 2017, Vivid Sydney has taken over the Harbour City. The Southern Hemisphere’s preeminent festival of light, music and ideas, Vivid Sydney is a multisensory affair that celebrates modern-day visual and performance art. A pop-up fringe festival of epic proportions, it envelopes the vivacious capital of New South Wales, which innately makes for the perfect canvas.

Vivid Sydney takes the city over from 26th May to 17th June

While the Barangaroo hosts the colourful and musical outdoor theatre A day in the light and the optical illusions of Trapdoor, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia is the setting of artists Julia Gorman and Danny Rose’s transforming artwork Organic Vibrations. The world-famous Sydney Opera House is the stage of Audio Creatures, whose dramatic characters come to life in a kaleidoscope of light and sound, and share the spotlight with international music acts like AIR, Fleet Foxes, Laura Marling and Nick Murphy.

The giant animal sculptures of Lights for the Wild are currently occupying Taronga Zoo, while the dynamic and visually captivating MUSIC | box allows participants to compose and project their own music in displays of colour and fantasy in Cadmans Cottage. Chatswood Central Business District has been converted into a futuristic city, while the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney is once again invaded by the enthralling exhibits of Light Walk. A bevy of more moving visual art invigorates Circular Quay, the Harbour foreshore, Darling Harbour and Martin Place. Vivid Ideas is currently hosting acclaimed artists like Hollywood filmmaker Oliver Stone, while Vivid Music comprises of over 400 performances across the city by bands like Goldfrapp.

Sydney’s pelicans know many ways of winning human hearts

The periphery of Sydney still burgeons simultaneously with an array of attractions, such as the Gosford Classic Car Museum (gosfordclassiccarmuseum.com.au) that is home to 450 rare and historic vehicles and motorbikes, which occupy the old Bunning Warehouse and boast a combined value of over $75 million.

Cheers to some of the most celebrated wines in the world

Another gem not to be missed in Sydney’s outskirts is Château Élan at The Vintage Hunter Valley (www.chateauelan.com.au). A very private resort that hosts a maximum of 200 guests, Château Élan’s highlights include spa, 18-hole golf and sumptuous dining options in the heart of wine country. The purists, of course, would be thoroughly fixated on this regionally and internationally lauded establishment’s unassailable wines.

Château Élan at The Vintage Hunter Valley

View from the top

See Sydney from above by hot air balloon, or take a scenic seaplane ride to Bells at Killcare Boutique Hotel, Restaurant & Spa (www.bellsatkillcare.com.au), whose eye-opening outdoor activities offered include diving, surfing, kayaking and paddle-boarding in secluded beaches and bays. A mere 90 minutes from Sydney’s city centre, this luxury resort also organises regular expeditions to the cliffs and sub-rainforests of Bouddi National Park.

Final inventory check before takeoff

The serendipitous InterContinental Sydney

The climax of Vivid Sydney occurs at a very appropriate pinnacle. Many visitors to the Harbour City count their climb up Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge as their most memorable experience. Beyond a one-of-a-kind view that gradually evolves as one ascends its 1,482 steps, the bridge experience is now further accentuated by a dance party that will invigorate the renowned landmark for the duration of Vivid Sydney, with multi-coloured tiles and high-spirited light displays.

Check out www.vividsydney.com for more about this spectacular festival.

The party above all parties

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