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The Opposite House Joins Force with Lisa Roet for Beijing Design Week

The Opposite House’s is collaborating with acclaimed Australian artist, Lisa Roet, to celebrate Beijing Design Week and Golden Week. The giant inflatable sculpture of a golden snub-nosed monkey entitled “Golden Monkey” will be displayed from September 22 to October 30 on The Opposite House’s iconic façade, looking down passers-by in the vibrant Sanlitun art and commercial district.

Golden Monkey at The Opposite House, September 22 to October 30.

The 14-metre sculpture is styled after the famous mythological Monkey King ‘Sun Wukong’ from the Chinese epic ‘Journey to the West’ and carries a global message on conservation – the snub-nosed monkey, a rare species native to the forest region along the China-Myanmar border, is now left with only a population of about 400 as a result of aggressive hunting and habitat destruction.

The fragility of the inflatable sculpture represents the vulnerability of this treasured mascot, while the urban surroundings of Sanlitun draw a strong contrast to its woodland habitat in Yunnan, expressing its displacement from its natural home.

A collection of Lisa’a avant-garde jewellery will also be displayed in the hotel foyer, fashioned after primate features to create a visual expression of the close connection between humans and apes.

For more information, please go to www.theoppositehouse.com.

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